Nuri Maulida ingin buat fashion show hijabersAlready this year Maulida Nuri beautiful celebrities involved in the world of fashion Muslim clothing. In fact he was planning to hold a special fashion show for the hijabers.

"God willing, pray alone. Want to create a single fashion show hijab. Hopefully it can make a fashion show as well as possible," said Nuri in the Cipayung, East Jakarta, Saturday (8/2).

However, a woman born 22 November 1985 is reluctant if called as a designer because the school never design. During this time he was admitted just like it.

"If the intention of the designer so I do not have a basic school science designer., But this year I am moving so designers, my design," he explained.

So great interest to the world of fashion Nuri. Even from a hobby that he managed to open a boutique design results.

"It interests me in the world of fashion is very high. Process of design I also continue to grow," he said.

Memorable experience at Chelsea Elizabeth Icelandic film 'Street Society'Jakarta - Icelandic actress Elizabeth admitted challenged Chelsea to play in the automotive action genre film ' Street Society ' . The 18 -year -old virgin claim to have new experiences . What is it?

Chelsea act as Karina , a Disc Jockey ( DJ ) beautiful and talented . Karina 's presence has changed the lives of Rio , played by Marcell Chandrawinata , who decided to stop being a street racer .

Well , playing the role of a DJ was a very memorable experience for Chelsea . Because, before he was able to play the LPs .

"Here I have to learn to be a DJ . Extremely memorable experience . 's The first time I became a DJ . Driving a Lamborghini is also in this film , memorable , " he said when met at SCBD , Sudirman , South Jakarta , Friday ( 02/07/2014 ) .

Not only that , advanced Chelsea , there is one scene that made ​​him feel fear . The scene that plays when he had to stand in the middle of the cab was nge - drift .

" The cab jamming drift around me. Was a long time , take three to four times . Till I breathe continuously during that scene , " he explained with a shrug .

' Street Society ' will also feature artists such as Wulan Guritno , Ferry Salim , Edward Gunawan , Senk Lotta , and others . Film by Awi Suryadi it will air on February 20 .

Who Actually Frankenstein Movie ReviewA longer works film adaptation of the novel I, Frankenstein will meet the listing genre action mystery film impressions in pawagam - pawagam host .

Naskhah origin written by Kevin Grevioux has been directed by Stuart Beattie and dispositions in this film brought to life by talented performers such as Aaron Eckhart , Yvonne Strahovski , Bill Nighy , Miranda Otto , Jai Courtney and crowded again .

Movie duration is 1 hour 40 Minit set in the world today who witnessed the struggle for power between two families namely hostile gargoyles and demons .

Gargoyles are berpanjikan grip Christianity Sedaya attempt to hide Victor Frankenstein creature named Adam ( Aaron Eckhart ) met by the head of the evil spirit , Son Naberius ( Bill Nighy ) .

In luarannya , Adam Beza no human being even if the whole body filled with stitching impression that is obtained when Victor turn about 200 years ago .

But Adam is not the soulless heart made ​​him a hunted by evil spirits that the body may be possessed by the evil spirit that had been laid off.

Not long after , a small war going on between the two families to lead dozens dead and Leonore gargoyles made ​​a ransom before the evil spirit has worn journal of Victor Frankenstein .

Movie Review : Who Actually Frankenstein ?

Journal of the foremost scientists belonging contains Rahsia how to turn something that was dead and It is very important to establish a set of large Naberius for evil spirits .

Adam never know the truth story in reverse kewujudannya feel compelled to seize the original journal of hand Naberius .

Sake only as good as reading journals regard , Adam is at his home to fend off malicious intent Naberius first son has another design .

The question is now , whether contained in the journal until Adam could ask for help from one of the messengers Son Naberius ?

But before you go watch the I , Frankenstein to get her retort to soalan above , must be known bahawa this film has a slightly loose plot where there is some character or stage that is not well developed .

For example , the character of Gideon as Leonore right people who do not like Adam to be able to kill him but did not tell the truth vengeance detailed stem it happen .

In fact, some people who were present during pre -view the film also complain if you indulge this film objectively vague and difficult to be understood by the audience .

However , OHBULAN ! certainly differing views of each person to follow their own tastes . Perhaps you are fond of the story , who knows right?

For those who want to know what really happened to Adam , gargoyles and evil spirits with respect , do not forget to watch the I , Frankenstein will be first aired on January 23, 2014 .

Meanwhile , below we kongsikan the film trailer for your viewing . Hopefully entertained !

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill duet Again in Film About BomberChemistry Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill in "The Wolf of Wall Street" managed to reap praise and make them go in for an Oscar nomination. The success of both will make again paired in a new movie, "The Ballad of Richard Jewell".

The film tells about the bombing incident that almost happened at the 1996 Olympics, in Atlanta. However, the incident was foiled when security discovered a suspicious bag containing the bomb. Ironically, security named Jewell was later even accused of being the mastermind behind the bombing plan.

Jonah The plan will serve as the security, Jewell. Meanwhile, Leo will play the character of a lawyer who was able to prove and clear the good name Jewell.

"The Ballad of Richard Jewell" is produced by Twentieth Century Fox. But until now there has been no further information about the details of the film.

Black Sabbath Adventure Dream Theater Di Grammy AwardsGrammy Awards 56th was held at the Staples Centre , Los Angeles , and in the event the award has been announced the winner for the nomination for Best Metal Performances, Black Sabbath on 19 April 2013 and released a song called ' God is Dead ? ' Finally managed to snatch Best Metal Performances of the Grammy Awards.

In addition to Black Sabbath successful mehndapatkan degree , degree rock nomination at the Grammy Awards in 2014 alone filled Oleg other older metal bands , there are names like Anthrax ( TNT ) , Dream Theater ( The Enemy Inside ) , Killswitch Engage ( In Due Time ) , and Volbeat featuring King Diamond ( Room 24 ) .

Competition in the nomination was pretty fierce , in fact Black Sabbath released the album '13 ' on June 10, 2013 and this has rivals , which are indeed Dream Theater released the song ' The Enemy Inside ' on 20 September 2013 .

Anthrax are bringing back the song belongs to AC / DC , an Australian hard rock band " TNT " also has the potential to earn the title of Best Metal Performances . Likewise also with Killswitch Engage and Volbeat having more than average skills and also able to anesthetize the jury at the Grammy Awards 2014.

However , ultimately the single " Is God Dead ? " Which is the second track on the album '13 ' deliver Black Sabbath to achieve Best Metal Performances .

The song " God is Dead ? " Itself inspired by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche , which he always said the phrase 'God is Dead ' in public . Single belonging to Black Sabbath that has ever occupied the sixth position in the charts UK Rock Charts .

Sienna Miller frankly About his Love Relationships MagazineEsquire Magazine UK will be lifted Sienna Miller's life story to be published in March 2014. As a cover girl , Sienna certainly required to pose in accordance with the specified theme . In black and white photographs , he gives a seductive stare while lying on a mattress .

In an interview , actor Alfie movie tells about her personal life including her romance with Jude Law . Engagement they both have run aground due to some infidelity scandal .

Already be an option for every couple who had a story similar to the story to close the book alone or open a new page . I think breaking up was the best way for me and Jude . I'm still friends with her and I still loved her children , " Sienna said in an interview .

Re- launch of Aceshowbiz , now Miller has found a new liver moorings , Tom Sturridge , and they were both awarded a daughter named Marlowe ( 1 ) . " My life is happy , I could wake up every morning and see my son . Feels no words that can describe my happiness at this time , " said Sienna .

Actress G.I. JOE : RISE OF COBRA is also said that his love for her fiance , Tom . " He is someone who is perfect for me . 's The first time I had a couple really appreciates me . He can make me feel to have a whole family , " Sienna said proudly .

Jennifer Lopez Ex-Husband Still Difficult ForgetJennifer Lopez split from Marc Anthony says it has broken his heart . Lopez is determined to bounce back after her divorce from singer Marc Anthony in 2011 for the sake of their twins Max and Emme who is now aged five , but he admits break with Anthony was the hardest thing she's ever experienced

" Back again pain hurts so much , but I do not want what happened to my make my life ends , I want it done to help me grow into a better I do not want to just survive , I want to get out of it and msalah stronger than me before, " Jennifer said as quoted by FemaleFirst .

" We need to dig deep to do that . Currently I would say it was the hardest thing I've ever experienced , because the children . When your little girl is scrappy and it happens , you just cry yourself to sleep , " he said .

" But when you are responsible for two other human beings and their lives , well-being , emotionally , it's a big problem you keep wondering ? Am I doing the right thing here , " he added

Jennifer is now happy to foster his relationship with choreographer Casper Smart and happy he can forget Marc , her third husband who failed cultivated as a previous marriage to Ojani Noa and Cris Judd who also ran aground .

Asked if he still loves her ex-husband , Jennifer said " I love him as a father I of my children and as a friend . Was not meant that we were meant to be in a marriage forever though , "

American Idol judge admitted often vent pent-up emotions by crying .

" I often cry I cry fatigue and feeling overwhelmed I had to hold it all together and then some little thing will trigger it as romantic moments . Was all very tiring ,

 Miley Cyrus not Remember Where ring from fiance Liam

It has been almost 5 months since the engagement Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced an end . Miley has now admitted that he had no memory of where she kept her engagement ring . However, the singer of " Adore You" was still communicating with the Australian actor .

" Do not know . Perhaps there is in the bathroom , " he replied when asked about the ring . " We still talk and communicate . Since I was with him 16 years old and no one can erase that fact . "

Miley feels life is too short to complicated . He also chose to be honest with himself and friends with Liam .

" I 've known this guy for it . If our relationship fails , I can still smile and we love each other , " he continued . " Life is too short . If you love someone , revealed to him . If you want to be friends with someone , Befriend him . "

Miley first met Liam on the set of " The Last Song " , 2010, and dating shortly thereafter . They became engaged in May 2012 and ended the relationship in September 2013 .

This recognition will figure Austin Mahone Selena GomezSelena Gomez is rumored to be dating with Austin Mahone. This news pushed if they dicomblangin by Taylor Swift. So is it true the two are dating?

Many who confirmed the news, the first two are the middle single. Besides Swift is a friend of both of them so it's easy to menyomblangi.

But the singer of the song What About Love is deny if he is dating Selena. He claimed that just friends and nothing more than that.

"Of course not. We just close friends," he said as quoted by E! News.

Selena Gomez is rumored to be dating with Austin Mahone . This news pushed if they dicomblangin by Taylor Swift . So is it true the two are dating ?

Many who confirmed the news , the first two are the middle single . Besides Swift is a friend of both of them so it's easy to menyomblangi .

But the singer of the song What About Love is deny if he is dating Selena . He claimed that just friends and nothing more than that .

" Of course not . We just close friends , " he said as quoted by E ! News.

Even so , Austin admitted impressed with Selena . According to the woman she is amazing and has an incredible talent ,

" She was amazing , in addition to the talented and sweet , " he said briefly .

Comments Austin insists that he is not dating the singer of the song Come and Get It . But it could be from this friendship will facilitate their future relationship . Approximately you agree not Austin dating Selena .

Ask John Mayer Jennifer Aniston Marry Katy PerryJennifer Aniston romance breakup with John Mayer was already long . But recently requested that John Mayer Jennifer married Katy Perry , John 's dream woman .

Currently Jennifer again close to Justin Theroux and they had got engaged on August 12, 2012. One source revealed that Jennifer asked a former girlfriend to get married because he himself is not lonely now .

" Jen and John remained friends despite the break up . They are not really close , but he was glad to see John and Katy together and he wanted to see both of them happy in the marriage bond , "

Mentioned in Showbizspy , before Jennifer got engaged to Justin Theroux , she does not care about the former lover of romance . Therefore , John himself is not touting his love life for two years after their breakup .

Although no longer together, John and Jen still respect each other . This is very different from the relationship between Jen and Brad Pitt , her ex-husband .